Ammo Can Stove Kit DIY
Ammo Can Stove Kit DIY
Ammo Can Stove Kit DIY
Ammo Can Stove Kit DIY
Ammo Can Stove Kit DIY
Ammo Can Stove Kit DIY
Ammo Can Stove Kit DIY

Ammo Can Stove Kit DIY

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This DIY kit is perfect for the person who wants to build their own ammo can stove. We have done all the hard work for you! All you need is a 50-cal ammo can, and we supply the rest. The process requires cutting and drilling a few holes, and then just simple assembly. No welding required.  Every Packaflame stove kit is Laser cut for an exact fit.

This kit creates the perfect little stove for heating a wall tent, small cabin, workshop, or tiny house. The finished product is also great for cooking and boiling water. Great for outdoorsmen, adventurers, preppers, survivalist and anyone looking for a small, portable stove for both heating and cooking. Plus, it's a fun project and makes a great gift for the outdoor enthusiast or hobbyist.

Kit includes:
-Top Burner Plate with chimney hole . 
-Template for Door & Slider Vent includes marking locations.
-Afterburner, -4" Starting Collar (if you choose that kit), -Slider Vent (3 hole), -Ash Grate.
-Door, -Circular Vent, -Latch Catch, -Door Latch, -Door Hinge.
-#10-24x1/2” screws and nuts (18). 
-#10-24x1” screw with nut and Wing nut (1).   -Lock Washers (4)
-5 1/2" Carriage Bolts (4) & Nuts (8).   -Wire Latch Assist
-Easy to follow instructions, including a metal template for cutting and drilling locations

The only thing you need to supply is a 50-cal ammo can, a tall 50-cal ammo can or the large 60mm Mortar ammo can, some basic tools, and a stovepipe.  A hacksaw, jigsaw or Dremel tool is needed to cut the openings for the door and the stovepipe. A drill with 3/8" and 1/4" drill bits are used to drill the holes. Also needed are a Phillips screwdriver and pliers.

Kit weight: 3 pounds, 15 oz.
Kit dimensions: 11"x7 1/2"
Made out of 1/16" mild steel

**Safety Precautions: CAUTION: stove can get very hot. Do not use inside enclosed spaces and always provide proper ventilation. Never leave stove unattended. Keep children away from hot surfaces. Make sure stove surface is cool before attempting to disassemble. Follow all local and state laws regarding open fire and wood burning stove regulations. Buyer assumes all risks and responsibilities.

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